Our Step by Step Video Editing Process

How does World Video Films video editing service edit my videos?

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After a free no obligation consultation, we review your specifications and plan a package for you.

  • Gather and  send us your material. You can send us any video, pictures, drawings and any other keepsakes you want us to incorporate.
  • Once we receive your keepsakes, we take extreme care to inventory and protect your treasured memories.
  • We then import your video and/or photos into our state of the art video editing system.
  • If you have sent us older formats, such as VHS or HI 8MM, we convert them first into our system.
  • With a watchful and trained eye, we review your video in its entirety.  We take careful notes in the process.
  • Any footage that is not useful is seamlessly edited away and only the best parts of the video are kept.
  • Any color correction or additional video/audio enhancements are done at this time.
  • At this point, we add in any special effects you may have chosen.  If you did not choose any special effects, custom titles and your music is added.
  • Your finished video is watched in its entirety and any adjustments are made.
  • We “burn” your video onto a custom DVD that can be played on most home DVD players.
  • We then create a custom DVD case with any photos or designs of your choosing.
  • Your finished project is now ready for shipping.
  • We pack your new DVD and any original material you have sent us very carefully and ship them priority mail with tracking number and insurance included.

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